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Side Winder

Side Winder
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Price: US$35.00
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Model: Side Winder US$35
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The Side Winder combat robot is an upgrade using the basic Tornado Bot When fully charged (release the trigger switch) the Side Winder will start to turn on its sides. It races madly around crashing into anything in its way.  It will not spin to vertical like the Transform 360 because the bottom disc is slightly smaller than the diameter of the Tornado Bot thereby always keeping it on an angle.

To make the Side Winder you will need to purchase a basic Tornedo Bot (Model SPT01) with the combat Side Winder  upgrade package (Model No.SWUG01). 

Or purchase the complete set here (Model SPT01 + Model SWUG01) for a reduced price. 

Complete instructions are included.


The Do-It-Yourself Side Winder-   Tornado Bot  Upgrade Package contains

  • 4 - Super Capacitor
  • 1 - New trigger capacitor
  • 2 - Cable Tie Wraps
  • 2 - Rounded Metallic "Blades"
  • 1 - Perspex Disk with laser cutted holes for mounting accessories
  • 1 - LED
  • 1 - Other Miscellaneous parts

See YouTube clips of Side Winder  in action.



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Side Winder
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