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Solar Engine LED Trigger with Motor (D.I.Y.)

Solar Engine LED Trigger with Motor (D.I.Y.)
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Price: US$12.50
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Model: LED Trigger with Motor (D.I.Y.) US$12.5
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LED Trigger System: Is the most common system that you will find that powers solar robots on the internet. This is because it does not need a voltage trigger (which is hard to find) and anyone can make one with the basic component in the circuit show below. The solar panel provided in the package will have a circuit board printed on the back and instructions to solder the parts provided.

This will make things a lot easier for anyone wanting to try this circuit out for the the first time. The board has been designed robust enough for beginners to make mistakes. All you do is solder direct on the back of the solar panel instead of messing with alot of wires on an electrical board.

You can attach an LED Trigger system to experiment with toys that have existing solar motors. As we have found that not all motors you pick up from toys and scrap bins can be driven by this type of popular circuit on the internet. However you can purchase a 3 to 5 V motor that has been tested to work with this LED trigger system (No.EM01) from this website. 


There are four options for completing the solar circuit on the back of the Brainchild Solar Panel. The package here contain electrical components for the LED Solar engine circuit.

The beauty of this package is that It is a complete package with minimal fuss, just solder the parts directly behind the solar panel and attach the motor wires of your toy and you will have a freely available electrical source for your toys or robots.

(Note: capacitor will be charged to voltage predetermined by the LED and released, if you are not sure about whether your motor can be driven by this circuit, you should buy the motors Ref:EM01 on this website which have been tested with this circuit and you can freeform your own solar robots) 


Package contains: 

  • 1 - Solar panel with proprietary printed circuit 
  • 1 - 3904 Transistor
  • 1 - 3906 Transistor
  • 1 - 220K Resister
  • 1 - 2.5v 0.35F Main storage capacitor (blue)
  • 3 - Different colour LEDs
  • 1 - 5.9v Motor

Complete instructions are included.

For more technical information and hints on assembling see Education icon on top.

Other Comments

The LED voltage trigger system is interesting as it lets you see the Solar Engine charge through a light that gets brighter and brighter as it charges. This system does not require a Voltage trigger and the peak voltage release can be controlled with the colour of the LED.

Here are some of our experimental results with our solar motors:

Coloured LEDs:

Red will peak at 2.24V drop to 1.14V, Green 3.1V drop to 1.18.

Clear LEDs:

Red will peak at 2.31 V drop to 1.18V, Green 2.41 drop to 1.15, blue from 3.3 -1.15V, whrite from 3.32 - 1.13, purple from 3.52 - 1.22.

We have tried different makes of LEDs and they are all slightly different but the trand is the same.

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