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Price: US$20.50
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Model: Solar HEXBUG $20.5
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  • You have chose:

    • HEXBUG with DIY Solar Kit

    • HEXBUG with Completed circuit for the solar panel

The Solar HEXBUG is a Package Containing the Brainchild Solar Engine (DIY) and an Original HEXBUG from INNOVATION FIRST INTERNATIONAL

Converting the "HEXBUG" to solar energy means you will never needing to charge it again and is fun to learn about solar energy and impress your friends. Simply remove the batteries and attach the motor wires from the assembled Brainchild Solar Engine to the correct leads in the battery compartment on the "HEXBUG". Presto, you have a toy that will work endlessly if sufficient light is available to charge the capacitor.

Soldering is required on the Solar Engine and no assembling is required on the HEXBUG except you need to unscrew the little screw on the bottom of the HEXBUG and remove the batteries and solder the red led to the + side of the battery spring and black wire to the -ve side (If you find this is difficult  you can just trist the wire on the battery springs). So if you don't know how to solder, you need to learn it.....or you can purchase the completed circuit version but it will cost a little bit more.



Brainchild Solar Engine

Brainchild Solar Engine





Solar Hexbug

Solar Hexbug


See YouTube clips othe "Converted Tomica Bit Racer" in action.





How does it work?

There are four options for completing the solar circuit on the back of the Brainchild Solar Panel. The package here contain electrical components for the Solar Engine circuit using the Voltage Trigger System.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel



Voltage Trigger System:  When the solar panel has charged the capacitor (a device which stores electricity) to a threshold level of around 4 volts, it will than release the electricity stored during that time to the motor and drive your converted HEXBUG. There is no need to turn the Solar HEXBUG on or off as the charging is continuous and when the threshold is reached the energy is discharged and the cycle than start again.

The main difference with our solar HEXBUG as compare with other similar toys is that it works well both indoor and outdoor because the electrical circuit is designed to just accumulate light enegy from any light source from its surrounding.



Solar engine circuit diagram for Hexbug


The difference with this circuit to others is with our selection of components, they have been experiment and tested to let the voltage charge up to 4-5 volts in the shortest time possible (like a couple of minutes under a 25W desk lamp) without damaging the electronics. To get an idea of the maximum power available from this solar engine see the Side Winder Combat Bot on this website.

 Solar  HEXBUG Package contains: 

  • 1 - Solar panel with proprietary printed circuit on back
  • 1 - 3904 NPN Transistor,
  • 1 - Diode 
  • 1 - Voltage Trigger
  • 1 - Small capacitor for timing the voltage trigger (Black)
  • 1 - Main storage capacitor (blue)

Complete instructions are included.

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