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Tornado Bot

Tornado Bot
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Model: Tornado Bot US$27
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 Build your own robot with this basic do-it-yourself       Tornado Bot package. It's easy and fun, do it with your friends!  

The Tornado Bot is a solar powered spinning top mounted on a plexiglass disk (neon colour choices available). It comes with a magnetic vertical mount that lets you hang it from any metal surface close to a light source. The capacitors allow the Tornado Bot to charge quickly and discharge with a buzzing sound (buzzer included). 

The Tornado Bot can be mounted almost anywhere, outside, on the dashboard of the car, in an office by the window. It is easy to build and fun to watch it work. Get several so you can upgrade them all to combat bots! 

The basic Tornado Bot can be upgraded to 3 other Combat robots, the Side Winder, Transform 360 and Hammer Throw using the Combat Up-Grade Packages available on the website.

Build them all and watch them fight, compete with your friends!!!


How it works

The Tornado Bot series of robots work by generating electrical power through a solar engine circuit that you built on the back of the Brainchild Solar Panel. By converting light energy (from any available light source) into electrical energy and storing it in a capacitor until it reaches and threshold voltage. The electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy as it is released to the motor to spin the Tornado Bot . (See technical Data in the download section.) In direct sunlight the Tornado Bot runs continuously. 

Complete instructions are included.

Note: If you are using an IPAD, Use 2 fingers to scoll down from here!

Solar Engine Circuit



Solar engine circuit diagram

Solar engine circuit diagram


The Do-It-Yourself TORNADO BOT Package contains:

  • 1 - Electric motor 
  • 1 - Solar panel with circuit on back
  • 1 - Transistor, Diode and voltage trigger 
  • 5 - 6.3V capacitors 
  • 1 - Small capacitor 
  • 1 - 5.5V Super Capacitor
  • 2 - Steel rings
  • 1 - Buzzer
  • 1 - High power magnet plus mounting screws
  • 1 - 8 cm Plexiglass disc with skid protectors to prevent movement

See YouTube clips of Tornado Bot in action.


If you are interested in this D.I.Y. products for your school, science club or for retail,

please contact us on

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Tornado Bot
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Tornado Bot
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