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Turbo Cutter

Turbo Cutter
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Price: US$34.00
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Model: Turbo Cutter US$34
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    • Electronic components only

    • Complete Unit with DIY Circuit

Turbo Cutter is a combat bot evolved from the Yo bot except that it hs 5 times the super capacitors. With just one motor instead of two it is design to move around and will last for nearly 2 minutes.

With The DIY Circuit Turbo Cutter, you will get the complete unit i.e. what is being shown in the video shown above.

With the option of just buying the electronics only, that is you don't need to buy the perspex bits. You can use parts from department stores and around the house to freeform your own combat bot for your own competition.



If you are interested in this D.I.Y. products for your school, science club or for retail,

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Turbo Cutter
Turbo Cutter
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