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Yo Bot

Yo Bot
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Price: US$32.00
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Model: Yo Bot US$32
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The Yo-bot is an twin motored solar robot that spins on the spot at high speed. The storage capacity of the Yo bot is double that of the tornado bot and it spins extremely well on the concave mirror provided in each package. Ideal for dispay near windows with the plastic box which come with the Yo bot.


There are designs to turn the Yo Bot into a combat robot also, you just have to keep an eye on this website. 


How it works

The Yo Bot works the sameway as the Tornado series of robots and thhat is by generating electrical power through a solar engine circuit that you built on the back of the Brainchild Solar Panel. By converting light energy (from any available light source) into electrical energy and storing it in a capacitor until it reaches and threshold voltage. The electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy as it is released to the two motors which are wired in the same direction. (See technical Data in the download section.) In direct sunlight the Yo Bot will run every few minutes. 

Complete instructions are included in the package.

 Note: If you are using an IPAD, You need to use 2 fingers to scoll down from here!

Solar Engine Circuit


Solar engine circuit diagram for Yo Bot

Solar engine circuit  diagram for Yo Bot


The Do-It-Yourself  Yo BOT Package contains:

  • 2 - Electric motor 
  • 1 - Solar panel with circuit on back
  • 1 - Transistor,
  • 1 - Diode
  • 1 - Voltage trigger
  • 2 - Double storage Capacitors
  • 1 - Small capacitor for triggering
  • 2 - Steel rings
  • 3 - Lead weights to balace the Yo Bot so that the solar panel is always on top after spinning
  • 1 - Aluminum wire
  • 4 - paper clips
  • 1 - Inverse Mirror used as a base for the Yo Bot
  • 1 - Instruction manual

See YouTube clips of Yo Bot in action.



If you are interested in this D.I.Y. products for your school, science club or for retail,

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