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About Us




After more than 20 years of technical teaching in Australia and Hong Kong, Jimmy Choy, engineer and lawyer, still has a passion for inspiring children to experiment, invent and learn. This and a fundamental commitment to reducing battery use in children's toys through solar or alternative energy applications and a desire to improve upon a wholly inadequate solar car project his son brought home from school are some of the factors that contributed to the creation of Brainchild Ltd. in 2004.


Stimulate creative thinking in children to unleash the wonder and thrill of invention and discovery.





To provide alternate educational experiences for children by helping them to think more creatively, provide opportunities for  discovery and build their confidence and personal satisfaction through accomplishment. 






Be Brave enough to choose alternative paths.

Be Responsible for discovering alternative energy solutions.

Be Aware of need for FUN!

Be Involved in the thrill of children learning. 

Do Notice that you can help your children enjoy the wonder of discovery.





Jimmy Choy's ten year old son brought home a small solar car that he had made in his Design and Technology class at school. It didn't work. He reviewed the instructions and checked that all the components were correctly assembled, it still would not move. As a teacher and a parent, he felt a desperate responsibility to salvage his son's enthusiasm to be a great inventor. He had to figure out what was wrong with the solar car. 


Jimmy discovered that his son's solar car, as with most solar toys sold on the market, had a fundatmental inability to store electrical energy. Energy must be stored in a capacitor to drive the mechanisms (e.g. motor and gear) inside the solar toy. This is similar to storing drops of water  in a bucket then pouring it out all at once to drive a water wheel. Each individual drop is incapable of driving the wheel but all together there is enough energy to make it turn. Jimmy designed a solar car with a capacitor circuit that can run after being exposed to varying intensities of sunlight or a desk lamp for a short period of time. He sold his design to the local technical college for their entry in the Hong Kong Innovative Festival.

Having tasted success with the solar car Jimmy continued to look for better and better solar toys. He researched extensively and came to understand the industry and its challenges. There are two basic mechanisms to self trigger energy release when a certain voltage is achieved and these are used in most available solar toy products. That is; (1) a voltage detector/trigger 1381 solar engine or (2) a LED circuit based solar engine.


Not finding any products that would allow him the flexibility to apply solar power to multiple toy applications, he started designing his own circuit boards on the back of mini solar panels (above). He integrated 4 solar engine circuits into one. This allows for experimentation with different voltage release circuits or facilitates "super charging" the capacitors with a switch. The circuit panels are much more robust allowing multiple re-soldering and the toys they can power have become increasingly sophisticated such as this Transform 360

Jimmy decided in 2004 that it was time to give up his work as a lecturer. Drawing on a wealth of educational experience and expertise he wanted to provide additional creative education for his children. He began to focus on developing more simulating experiential education programs for children that would cultivate their creativity, confidence and self learning. Since then he has dedicated his time to building his business and in the process, helping numerous children with learning differences.


The evolution of designing and experimenting with various components occurred over several years. Jimmy transformed his workshop, initially set up to teach his children and their friends about electronics, evolved into an experimental manufacturing hub for interesting solar products targeted at educating children in a creative and fun way. From the small solar car his son brought home that didn't work to an extensive selection of do-it-yourself projects, Jimmy Choy has been the driving force behind making Brainchild Ltd. successful. 




  • Design and build Do-it-Yourself solar powered robots.
  • Research and development new products.
  • Individualized tutoring with challenging projects for gifted/high achieving children.
  • Workshops for children focused on advanced standards of design and problem solving.


JIMMY CHOY BE(Hon), Dip. Ed., LLB - Founder/President/Chief Designer

  • Education and Work Experience

1997-2004 - Senior lecturer and course leader in Mechanical Engineering at Vocational Training Councel Hong Kong

1994-1997 - Lecturer at Hong Kong Institute of Technology

1987-1994 - Lecturer at T.A.F.E., Australia

1993 - Admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia

1992 - Dip of Legal Studies (U.T.S.)

1990 - L.L.B. (UNSW)

1984 - Dip of Ed. (University of Technology Sydney)

1978 - B.E.(hor) (University of New South Wales)

  • Accomplishments

2010 - Co-Chairman, F.O.C.U.S.( Charitable organisation that helps children with learning differences, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD

2009/10 - President, Hong Kong Human Powered Vehicle Association

2005 - Designed and delivered creative workshop delivering advanced standard in Design and Technology training and problem solving.

2004 - Established Brainchild Ltd.

2004/5 - Chairman, Hong Kong Pedal Kart Grand Prix

2003/4 - Vice President, Parents Association, Australian International School of Hong Kong, 

2001 - Award for Engineering Excellance, Hong Kong Pedal Kart Grand Prix

1987/93 - Australian Shell Mileage Marathon Participant (design and construct fuel efficient motor vehicle)

1978 -  First prize design award in final year of undergraduate study.


ICE CHAN - Assistant Design & Project Coordinator

  • Education and Work Experience

2009 - HD in Creative Toy and Intelligent Product Design - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational

2006 - Certificate in Visual Display - CCC Kung Lee College

WILLIE LEUNG - Engineering Projects Supervisor

  • Education and Work Experience

2008 - HD in Environmental Engineer and Energy Management - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

  • Accomplishments

         2007 - WorldSkills Shizuoka 2007 - 39th WorldSkills Competition (Mobile Robotics)

         2007 - Best Engineering Design and Ingenuity Award - 2007 HK Renewable Energy Car Technology Showcase & Design Competition

         2006 - 1st Runner-up Robotics - 2006 Hong Kong Youth Skills Competition

 WAYNE CHEUNG - Quality Control Officer

  • Education and Work Experience

2009 - HD in Commercial Engineering - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Learning