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How to become a Distributor

If you like our products and wants to sell and teach how to make them in your workshop or science club please feel free to contact us on

We will make it worth while for you to buy from us in bulk (12 or above items) instead of  duplicating us in your workshop (Let me say that its not easy to duplicate us in bulk). If you would like to buy below 12 items per product, visit the relevent product page and look for discounts for below 12 items. Its around 15% discount to distributors depanding on the volume.

If you like to sell it on the internet or advertise in you local paper or magazine to sell large volumes. Just e-mail us and you can also give you a discount.

Here are some examples of the ads. you can use to advertise our products in your local paper. Basically, you only need to use our logo MySolarBot in you ads. as a condition of contract of agreement.

Basically we just want YOU to sell our products and make a profit at the same time. A win-win situation. Further information by e-mail to .