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MySolarbot Challenge


MySolarBot Challenge is a competition organised and sponsored by Brainchild Ltd. for users of Brainchild Products and Brainchild Solar Robots for the purpose of promoting the use of solar energy technology and/or green technology for children's educational studies and to have fun at the same time.

The objective of the MySolarBot Challenge is to allow qualified schools, educational and science institutions as well as individuals to design interesting and creative solar robots, record and submit them in video files by uploading the files to MySolarBot’s web site to compete for prizes and trophies for the best design in the various categories of entry.

1.0 Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations must be followed to qualify as a MySolarBot Challenge:

1.1 Categories of Entry

There are two types of robot entries, namely:

  1. The Best Combat Bot- Defined as a mini solar robot that can demonstrate the ability to  imobilise, slow down, damage another combat robot (within 2 minutes inside the MySolarBot Combate Dome**). The action of the Combat Bot must be captured on an unmodified recorded video image.
    ** Entries submitted as Individual Entries are exempted from having a time limit in a combat dome. In other words, individual entries could video the best actions of their robot and send them to the e-mail address below in Section 2.0.
  2. The Best Fun Bot- Defined as a decorated mini solar robot  using only solar energy to spin, move, swim, or fly in any particular way to impress and to win popular support as the most interesting, fun, creative robot in this category of competition.

 A single robot can enter both categories at one particular time.

1.2 Conditions to Qualify as a MySolarBot Entry

To satisfy as a qualified entry, you must  satisfy the following requirements:


  1. Schools, Educational or Science Institutions Entry- you must be qualified as schools, educational or science institutions under the local laws of your country’s jurisdiction.
  2. Individual Entry-you must be a natural person and is not a company, partnership or other entity.
  3. The main robots or solar engines must be purchased on or Attachments, bits added to the robots do not need to meet this requirement.
  4. You must be the original owner of the robot submitted.
  5. You must be the original designer of the robot submitted.

2.0 Method of Entry

To qualify for a prize you need to send in a video clip of no more than 20 Mb of MPEG, MP4 or AVI files to Or just sent as the link to your YouTube you have uploaded on the internet. See example here.

The action or movement of the Combat Bot or Fun Bot must be captured on an unmodified recorded video clip as stated above. The video clip does not need to be a continuous clip; it can be a number of video clips put together as a continuous clip. Please click here to see entry sample.

Your video clip will be uploaded to our website for viewers to view and place their votes.
All entry video files must show at least one logo bearing the name MySolarBot Challenge on it for no less than 5 seconds during the normal play back of the video and your name at the beginning of the video file for the purpose of helping us to identify you with your robot.

All entries must be submitted on or before the end of March, June, September and December of each year.
You may submit as many entries as you wish.

3.0 Rules for Judging Each Winner(s)

Judgment for the winner of each category will be a fair but subjective judgment by a panel of judges comprising of three of our staff at Brainchild 10 days after the end of each quarter.
The judges will, as part of their decision making process, consider the popularity of each submission by the number of hits on the video file on the internet to decide the winner(s) of each category.
The judges’ decision will be final.

4.0 Prizes for Winning Entries

There will be one winner and one Runner-up for the Combat Bot entry every quarter of the year named during the first week after each quarter, namely the  second week of April, July, October and January.
There will be one winner and one Runner-up for the Fun Bot entry every quarter of the year named during the  second week after each quarter, namely the first week of April, July, October and January.

Prizes will be handed out or mailed to the winners after the winners are named on the websites of or The nature of the winning prizes will be posted at the websites of or from time to time. All Prizes are given at the sole discretion of Brainchild Ltd.

Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights

The original owner and/ or maker and/or sender of all entry videos submitted in any computer files, whether qualified or unqualified entries, have agreed to give permission to Brainchild Ltd., to use and /or reproduce the videos in any way or form, including posting them on the websites of or for other viewers to see.

MySolarBot is a trade mark of Brainchild Ltd.